Project Summary







Lyons/Zaremba was selected to join the project team for the development of this immersive exploration of west central equatorial Africa. The visitor experience is a self-guided eco-tour that will take our “tourists” through a variety of locations and encounters. After they receive their initial briefing, visitors will set off to a nearby marketplace. While traveling, they will look for hidden koolookambas – depictions of an alleged species of ape that is a cross between chimp and gorilla – created by Tommy, a fictional former poacher who is now a friend of the forest animals and people. 

As visitors move further into the forest, their encounters will expand their understanding of the people and wildlife of one of the most protected wild places in Africa, and heighten their appreciation for how ecotourism can bring positive benefits to these otherwise threatened areas.

Projects Facts

Scope:  Interpretive Exhibit Design
Size:  13 Acres
Budget:  $40M Total;  $1.2M Interpretive Exhibits
Architects:  PJA Architects
Completion:  2011