About Us

Roto/LZA is an internationally recognized firm specializing in the planning and design of exhibits for aquariums, zoos, nature centers, science centers, historic sites, and visitor centers.

We strive to create experiences that attract, engage, and ultimately transform our visitors and their view of the world around them, while providing entertaining, yet meaningful and memorable experiences.

Lyons/Zaremba was founded in 1987 by Richard Lyons and Frank Zaremba.  In 2018, LZA became a subsidiary of Roto Group, the international museum and attraction design/build firm based in Dublin, Ohio.  Steve Lenox continues to serve as Principal of LZA and Roto’s East Coast office, with Julie Hartunian and the rest of the LZA staff remain fully engaged in providing customized services from conceptual design and master planning through to full design documentation and construction administration.


Our Design Philosophy

Our goal is to create exciting, unique and memorable places where people can explore, discover and learn using all of their senses. We create exhibits that are accessible, enjoyable, and meaningful for an audience of diverse ages, learning styles, and cultural backgrounds.

We believe that meaningful exhibit design emerges from clear goals and powerful interpretive content. As storytellers working in three dimensions, we strive to deliver fresh, compelling stories that will surprise each visitor and awaken their sense of self-discovery.

By observing how people behave in public places—how they access information and how they interact with exhibits and each other—we’ve learned that providing layered experiences is most effective for reaching larger and more diverse audiences.