Lyons/Zaremba Inc.

Exhibit Planning + Design



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Lyons/Zaremba Inc. is an internationally recognized firm that specializes in the planning and design of exhibits for museums, visitor centers, nature centers, aquariums, and zoos.


We believe that meaningful exhibit design emerges from clear goals and powerful interpretive content. As storytellers working in three dimensions, we strive to deliver fresh, attractive stories that will surprise each visitor and awaken his or her sense of self-discovery.


By observing how people behave in public places—how they access information and how they interact with exhibits and each other—we’ve learned that we need to provide layers of experiences.


To achieve this, we vary the scale of exhibits; create multiple levels of learning opportunities; present multicultural points of view and balance cognitive and affective experiences. We create exhibits that serve as sustainable platforms for change and growth. If we succeed, the exhibit experience feels new and different every time visitors encounter it.


Our website is moving, but we're not.

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PHONE: 617.248.0970

ADDRESS: 2 Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Boston MA 02109

HOURS: 8am-5pm EST