Project Summary







Wesselman Woods is the largest old-growth forest entirely surrounded by a city of over 100,000 people. Lyons/Zaremba was selected to develop new interpretive exhibits for the existing visitor center. The client’s goal was to create an educational and stimulating exhibit hall that would encourage visitors to explore the rare natural treasure on the trails.

Interpretive displays explain the features of a climax-community forest, so visitors will know what to look for. Animal exhibits (both live and replicated) feature the animals that depend on old-growth forests.  A walk-in hollow tree, cast from a live tulip poplar, allows visitors to hear the sounds of the forest. A crawl-through fallen tree gives young visitors an active experience. A giant box turtle shell allows young visitors to see the world from a box turtle’s point of view. Nearby interactive exhibits focus on the box turtle as a species that citizen scientists can study on the trails.

Projects Facts

Scope:  Interpretive Exhibit Design
Size:  2,000 sq ft.
Budget:  $450,000
Exhibit Fabricator: Gary Brees Studio
Completion: March 2016