Project Summary







Working with two architectural firms: Lohan, Caprille, Goettsch, and Patrick Janikowski Architects, Lyons/Zaremba designed a series of interpretive exhibits for the Regenstein Center for African Apes at Lincoln Park Zoo. The task was to provide visitors with a clear, fun way to learn about African apes, the ecosystems they come from, and how people (especially at Lincoln Park Zoo) are working to protect these species.These elements include: a flexible, changeable animal ID system; visitor observation stations; 3D bust castings of all five African apes; and interactive exhibits focusing on operant conditioning, communication, feeding, learning, and a typical day in the life of an ape.

Projects Facts

Scope:  Interpretive Exhibit Design
Size:  78,000 SF Total; 3,200 SF Interior Exhibits
Budget:  $20M Total; $750,000 Interpretive Exhibits
Architects:  Lohan, Caprille, Goettsch /
Patrick Janikowski Architects
Completion:  2004