Project Summary







Lyons/Zaremba worked with Frost Science, Miami to provide full planning and design services for the large-scale live animal exhibits within the multi-level Aquarium portion of their new 250,000 SF science museum in downtown Miami. The Aquarium is an aquarium experience that focuses on Florida’s aquatic habitats including a hardwood hammock and sawgrass meadow, coastal mangrove, coastal beach, coral reefs and the Gulf Stream. Two live coral exhibits compare and contrast Atlantic corals with those found in the Indo-Pacific. 

Working with the architects, Lyons/Zaremba helped to finalize the design of all concrete tank and acrylic viewing details that had been preliminarily developed by Thinc Design, as well as coordinating with various engineers regarding the design of aviary containment mesh systems, life support system interfaces within exhibits, and the lighting of all exhibits.

Projects Facts

Scope:  Aquatic Exhibit Design
Size:  250,000 SF Total; 35,000 SF Living Core
Budget:  $305M Total; $1.5M Aquatic Exhibits
Exhibit Concepts: Thinc Design
Architects: Grimshaw / Rodrigues & Quiroga Architects
Completion:  2017